Celebrating your beautiful birthday with white snow dancing ...

Celebrating your beautiful birthday with white snow dancing like your white heart on the hill of our hearts and heartily congratulating the chapel, I wish that in the history of your one-star sky, I would look at you in order to give my longest nights to my arms, and kiss in anticipation. Come to me! Happy Birthday My Flower your birthday is my birthday, I have been awake all year long so that your birthday is over, and I'm asleep and I can not tell you Happy birthday!

Alphabet to know your day. Congratulations on looking at another green leaf of your life. You do not have anything; for everything, to be without me, for my heart only and for you, and I will have you with the most romantic feeling with you, I'm glad that you are happy to be born and become my world. Happy birthday is my kind friend, the most spectacular creature in On Earth ! When I look at you, I'll shake my guitar strings to tell you over and over again that I love you many times these voices come out and say, "YOUR Happy Birthday is my best." Every day is dreaming of you in a lovely, not distant hand. There is no reason to live in the heart for nine days. The most beautiful birthdays are those who dream in someone we lovingly love. Happy birthday means I love you from the bottom of the heart , With all the ... The birthday of humans is not found in any calendar, because it is only in the hearts of those I respect. Today, the air again has a beautiful sense of love and drunkenness from the sky. Your birthday. Rainy day. On the thirsty desert of the desert. Your birthday is filled with imagination. Jasmine and pigeons and wind are in your astonishment. And again You are born and candles, which are your share of life, the stars that have come to the party, the blossoms that will blossom again, and the aroma that comes to the butterflies, and you share my whole life with the happy birth of all my life .... Your birthday is from the bottom of the happy heart @real_f_s_n:smiling_cat_face_with_heart-shaped_eyes::heavy_black_heart::kiss_mark::kiss_mark: #Wolf's awesome post

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