my advice to you dearbe happy all the time and smile to anyo...

my advice to you dear

be happy all the time
and smile to anyone you love
let them see your happy face
let them enjoy of your beauty laughs
show them you are strong
you are a leader
you are a great girl
please don't call yourself a crazy
that's not true
You're the smartest person I've ever seen
I'm proud of you and that's my honor to write and say your name as my best and my dear buddy
you now I still thinking about you but I miss you too
miss to see your face
miss to see your smile
miss to listen your voice and your laughs
forgive me
your still in my heart and you will stay there for ever
you was like a great sister to me and I love you for ever
please forgive and forget me
spend your time with everyone you love
I hope you be in peace and never cry
love you with all my heart
(if any heart exist in my chest)


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