part 4#Juyi I was in the regiment! I forgot that for a long ...

part 4

#Juyi I was in the regiment! I forgot that for a long time ... Me: Are you coming with me !? Aren't you part of the faculty here? Hyun Wook: Come on! I also can not accept your dissertation, your dissertation has flaws! I gave an invitation from there, and if I come, they will immediately make me a member of the faculty! Incidentally, I had a chance to see your ability! Show yourself and seek !! I was surprised and on the one hand happy that he allowed me! I showed a lot of respect and told him to come home but he left without saying anything! #heyunwook She did not even realize that I was upset! She better not understand these things! I do not know why I fell in love with her ! Upset, I got in the car and went home and did some research on BTS and the clothes that had been designed for them so far! I do not know why I was researching! I did not pay attention to myself at all! I was just worried about her!! #Juyi Well, I packed my things, all the coats I had! Too much but very valuable to me! Well I thought I should have an assistant because I can not do it alone !Sumi ! Nu sumi ! she was the smartest of all my students. I called her and asked her if she could remember me, and in short, I told her everything! At first she was hesitant, but she said that she would come with me. I promised her that I would give her  dissertation if she came with me and accompanied me in this challenge! I resigned from the university and called the envoy and said that I will see you at the airport tomorrow at nine o'clock in the morning ! I got my flight ticket online and had dinner and slept! Tomorrow at nine o'clock I saw Hyun Wook at the airport. We joined everyone else and I was waiting for that person! He came and we boarded the plane together! I was finally going to my parents! I missed them so much! Of course, because my parents were rich, they took a separate house for me! I did not think at all that I would leave Paris like this, I canceled all my plans and informed that I was going to South Korea! #hyunwook I was sitting on a chair next to her. The whole flight was sitting flat! Oh, I forgot, she was a model and she was used to it! I was looking at her face from the side and she was looking out ... her eyebrows and her lips , her neck were really great and perfect! I wish she was warm with me for a while! I confessed to her quickly! Oh !  turned her head! I shuddered and turned my head quickly! she grabbed me by the neck! Oh, it came! Juyi: Master ... !! Got your neck !!! I was happy that she was even a little upset !! Juyi : Give a massage to get rid of the cramps !! I was looking at her  in surprise! Hmm she's still cold! Oh what did you expect to come and massage your neck !! huufff!!😒😒 چه طوره به انگلیسی؟! براتون خوبه زبان تون قوی میشه 😂😂 غصه نخورید ! اگه این پست به ۵۰ لایک برسه فارسی هم میزارم!

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