William Howard ‘Tex’ Johnson, 67, Robbery “Well, I got 50 ye...

William Howard ‘Tex’ Johnson, 67, Robbery “Well, I got 50 years. Snatching $24 out of a man's hand. It was 1959, in Birmingham (Alabama). A lot was going down. We were struggling with the civil rights thing, and Dr. Martin Luther King was leading it. And I had come down there with this organization. I didn't even think about it [the racial motive], because all I was thinking about is, I get the chance, I'm gonna escape, and I did.

I've escaped three times. And I could go like the wind, and they never could catch me. The last time I escaped, it was 1962. They didn't catch me till 1992. They never gave me no time for escaping. All they do is just get you and bring you back, and that's all. I'm a little disappointed at myself, you know. Cause I got a good education. My first wife had died. Then I married another girl. She and I had a son.I guess she's dead, too. It's a waste of a life, it is. I’m in no shape to run now. I’d like the freedom. But I’d never get over the fence. I’m doing 50 years for robbery. But I never robbed anyone. I only took 24 dollars from one man. I consider robbery is when you use a weapon. I never used a weapon. What I would like to do, I would like to write a book for young black people. Tell them that this ain't the way. This ain't the way. You don’t do it this way. That’s what I would like to do. Maybe someday, I will.” Photo by Ron Levine for @everydayincarceration #incarceration #prison #prisonphotography #portrait #everydayincarceration #everydayeverywhere

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